Running (and Writing).

So the moths are back. Which means I wind up sitting in my bed in the dark, with the office light on in hopes of luring the damn things in there so they’re not flapping around my head all night. Without another source of light, they invariably wind up at the bedroom window over my head, thunking and thwapping against the shade and keeping the Chihuahua awake. Which keeps me awake.

But here’s something much cooler that’s been keeping me awake:

I’ve been given the okay to spill the beans on that comic book gig I pitched for recently: I’ll be writing a four issue Logan’s Run story arc for Bluewater Comics, set a couple of years before Logan’s life-clock starts flashing. It’s gonna be full of Sandman action and cool stuff. Had a good conference call with William F. Nolan (!) and Jason V. Brock yesterday, and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about getting this gig. Being given the opportunity to play in Nolan’s sandbox is a real honor, and I’m gonna be swinging for the fences in hopes of living up to it. Extra coolness factor: my buddy Greg Freeland is gonna be doing the artwork.

Then there’s my four-issue Sinbad, Rogue of Mars book (also from Bluewater), the first issue of which is due out in August, I believe. If you dig the Harryhausen Sinbad flicks, I hope you’ll give the comic a shot — I did my best to capture at least a bit of the flavor of the movies, and I’m anxious to see how people respond to the book.

Meanwhile, I’m bangin’ out the words on Pete, Drinker of Blood part 4, due out around May 10. And if I’m gonna make that date, I’d better get back to it.

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Scott S. Phillips has written in almost every capacity imaginable: films, TV, comic books and even dialogue for talking dolls. His most recent novel is PETE, DRINKER OF BLOOD. He's also the author of the novels SQUIRREL EYES and FRIDAY THE 13TH: CHURCH OF THE DIVINE PSYCHOPATH, as well as the short story collection TALES OF MISERY AND IMAGINATION. Scott wrote the screenplay for the cult action flick DRIVE (recently named "The Best American Martial Arts Movie Ever Made" by Kung Fu Cinema), and wrote 12 episodes of the CW Network's KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT. Perhaps most importantly, he once performed as stand-in for the legendary Lemmy in a Motorhead video. View all posts by Scott

3 comments on “Running (and Writing).

  1. If you happened to get Pete part 4 out on, say May 9th, it would make an excellent birthday present to buy myself.

    Just saying.

  2. 1) Seriously, what is up with the moths right now? It’s like a freakin’ horror movie.

    2) What an awesome conference call! I am so jazzed about your work on these comics.

  3. KJ Waters on said:

    Wow Scott, very, very exciting! I remember Logan’s Run I borrowed from a Video Story called Wavy something way back in the day.

    I guess this is why we haven’t seen you much on the twi of late. So can’t wait to see all of your most excellent work on these projects! As usual, you rawk!

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