Zombie Hydration.

Just a quick post — with the 10th anniversary of shooting my li’l zombie movie The Stink of Flesh coming up in August, I’ve been nosing through the old photos. Here’s one from the first day of shooting, as Israel Wright gets some help with a bottle of water.

(Click for full size version)


Zombies in 3D at ACE!


It’s the 10th anniversary of The Stink of Flesh and the 10th anniversary of Tromadance NM! To celebrate, we’ll be screening the 3D version of Stink as part of the Albuquerque Comic Expo!

The Stink of Flesh recently made TotalFilm’s list of the 50 Best Indie Horror Movies (at #35, one notch behind James Gunn’s Slither).

The screening happens at 6:30 PM, Saturday, June 22, at the Albuquerque Convention Center, and is free to anyone with an ACE membership! Members of the cast and crew will be in attendance.

This 3D version of The Stink of Flesh is a UK-only release, so don’t miss your chance to see it! We’ve got 50 pairs of 3D glasses, but we don’t know how many people will attend, so if you’ve got your own pair of red/blue glasses, you might wanna bring ‘em along.

Get your ACE tickets now and help us celebrate 10 years of THE STINK OF FLESH and TROMADANCE NM — and check out Cody Hamman’s nifty writeup on the flick at Life Between Frames.

Albuquerque Comic Expo!

We’re less than three weeks away from ACE, the Albuquerque Comic Expo (you may have read my post about how ACE saved my life). The show happens June 21-23 at the convention center, and I’m pretty sure there’s still time for you to make your Space: 1999 costume and score a free book from me!


I’ve made this offer several times in the past, but nobody has ever taken me up on it. Y’see, because I’ve never seen anyone in a Space: 1999 costume at a con (despite a lifetime of con-going), I’m gonna give the first person who shows up at my table in a Moonbase Alpha uniform a free book of their choice (and yup, I’ll have paperbacks of Pete, Drinker of Blood with me). I’ll also accept a UFO purple-haired moonbase girl uniform.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, Bob Vardeman will also give a free book to the first person who shows up in a UFO moonbase girl uniform. I’m guessing he’s got his fingers crossed it will actually be a girl in said uniform, but the offer stands no matter what.

Another cool thing happening at ACE: a screening of the 3D version of my li’l zombie flick, The Stink of Flesh! I ordered in a bunch o’ pairs of 3D glasses, so get ready for some low-budget zombie action in three entire dimensions.

Check out the ACE website for a list of all the guests, and don’t miss it!


In good company at Barnes & Noble.



I started a Tumblr page today. Like I have time for another social media site, when I can’t even stay on top of the blog thing. But I sort of hope I can update Tumblr a little more regularly — it seems easier, somehow. If you’re so inclined, you can find me right here.

Also, I started writing the sequel to Pete, Drinker of Blood last night. I’m excited about it — I think I’ve got some cool stuff in store for it.


You know you’re a truly terrible blogger when you have to click the “Forgot your password?” link every time you post something.

Same old excuse, though — I could write more blog stuff, or I could spend that time writing books and whatnot.

Speaking of which: Smoker, the new Boone Butters story, is out. This is the third in the series and things just keep getting crazier for ol’ Boone. If you like the oddboiled tardnoir crime, please check it out. You can get it for Kindle, Nook and in various formats at Smashwords.

The Deckie Dance.

This is what happens when we get out the bag of Milk Bone Trail Mix.

(I don’t know how to make the actual animated gif show up on this page, so click on the image and you’ll see it).



Why yes, this is a new post, and yes, it has only been a week. Madness!

I’m anxiously checking my email over and over again, waiting for my manager’s final notes on my new spec script. So far she’s only had a couple, and those were very minor — simple tweaks, really — but she was gonna give the script a second read last night and let me know if she had anything else. So I’m twitchin’ a bit today.

The Jeep continues to task me. The thing died Thursday night, seemingly from lack of gas. We put a gallon in and it still wouldn’t start, plus the battery acted like it was draining very quickly. Yesterday I bought a new battery and put that in. Still wouldn’t start. The sounds it was making during the not-starting process reminded me of what it did when the power valve crapped out a couple years ago, so we pulled that out of the carb and looked it over. It was in perfect shape.

By this point I was flummoxed. Figuring it wouldn’t hurt, we put another couple gallons of gas in the bastard, and — you guessed it — it started. It’s been running reasonably well since then, but I still have my doubts that everything is okay (for one thing, there’s that exhaust leak at the manifold that fills the cab with delicious, intoxicating fumes).

Meanwhile: you should read Pete, Drinker of Blood if you haven’t already! It’s getting some pretty glowing reviews, and they’re not just from my mom.

Terrible Blogging Skills.

Jeez, is it hard to keep up with this thing. Figured I’d give anyone still reading the blog a quick update, though.

Been getting a great response to the new spec script, which is a huge relief. A heck of a lot of personal stuff went into that script, and the insecurity over it was pretty high. Of course, I still have to get a great response from someone who wants to make the dang thing, but here’s hopin’.

Meanwhile, I’m working on the new Boone Butters story — probably about halfway there now. This one’s called Smoker. I’m not gonna make my hoped-for release date of the end of February, but we’ll see how it goes in March.

Not much else to report. Dawgs are doing well, I’m now wearing bifocals, and things are okay overall. Except for my ability to crank out blog posts.

My New Favorite Book.

Don’t mind me — I’m experimenting with doing a blog post from my phone…


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